Anthurium Flowers

Did you know that there are over 800 varieties of anthuriums? Well it’s true. In fact, some scientists believe that there are more than 1000 varieties of anthurium and new varieties are being discovered each year. Though there are hundreds of different varieties of anthurium, just about all anthurium flowers from Hawaii fall into one of three categories: standard, obake or tulip.

These categories are based on the way that they are shaped. But, if you look hard enough, you will find that they come in just about every color of the rainbow, and they also come in many different sizes from less than an inch to almost one foot in length. Here are some of the most popular varieties.


Watermelon Obake Anthurium

Watermelon Obake Anthurium

Obake anthurium flowers come in a variety of colors from pastel pink and greens to vibrant red and green combinations. “Obake” means ghost in Japanese and these flowers have an ethereal quality as they are often quite large and no two have exactly the same blend of colors. There is definitely nothing spooky about this variety of anthurium.


Purple Tulip Anthurium

Purple Tulip Anthurium

Tulip anthurium flowers are shaped like tulips. They are generally smaller in size and they come in a vast range of colors, including: white, purple, pink, red, lavender and green. Unlike nearly all other varieties of anthurium, which are scentless, some varieties of tulip anthuriums even have a pleasing scent.




Finally, standard anthuriums are usually smaller than obake anthuriums and bigger than tulip anthuriums. Generally, they are heart-shaped and a solid color. One example of a standard anthurium is the Midori. It is an anthurium flower that comes in a very pleasing shade of green. Midori means green in Japanese and shares its name with a very popular blend of green colored melon liquor. It is a medium sized flower and it is one of the longer lasting varieties. Unlike a rose which will only last a few days, Midori anthuriums have been known to last up to a month after being cut.

As you can see, anthurium flowers come in many different shapes, sizes and colors. The most amazing thing is that anthurium growers are continuing to create even more new varieties with brighter colors, larger flowers and even longer shelf lives. It seems that there is no limit to what growers can come up with. It looks like 800 varieties are just the beginning.

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