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How To Take Care Of Your Anthurium Plant

It is simple and easy to care for your anthurium plant. Keeping your plant alive will be no problem at all, once you learn a few of the basics like: how to water, when to fertilize and where to keep your plant. Just follow these simple guidelines that I am about to show you and … Continue reading

Anthurium Flowers

Common ordering mistakes, pictures and info on anthurium flowers, and tips on care and how to grow them. Continue reading

How Anthurium Farms Raise Anthurium Flowers

In Hawaii, growing anthurium flowers is a big industry; there are more than two hundred farms currently in production. Some farms have been in operation since the beginning of the anthurium industry in the 1950s. Have you ever wondered how these farms grow so many anthurium flowers? Well read on and I’ll show you. It … Continue reading

Flowers Of Hawaii

Hawaii’s temperate climate supports a wide range of tropical flowers. Continue reading

Tropical Plants Of Hawaii

Tropical plants love Hawaii because it has a year round tropical climate, copious rainfall and fertile volcanic soil. Continue reading

Anthurium Ordering Mistakes

Are you about to make one of these mistakes when ordering anthuriums? Continue reading

How The Anthurium Came To Hawaii

The Anthurium is closely associated with Hawaii in the minds of many people. But did you know that the anthurium is not native to Hawaii? Continue reading

Anthurium Plant Overview

Anthuriums are exquisite, tropical plants that originated in the Amazon rain forests of South America and are now grown in many tropical climates all around the world. Continue reading

Anthurium Care Secrets

After growing thousands of anthuriums on our farm, we’ve learned a few secrets for growing them. Continue reading

Anthurium Picture

Anthurium flowers initially come from South America, but they have also adopted residence in Hawaii. Continue reading