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Drinks of Hawaii

Hawaii is the land of beautiful sandy beaches, flowers like orchids and anthurium flowers and massive volcanoes. Like most other places in the world it also has several signature drinks. Who hasn’t had Kona Coffee, a Blue Hawaii or a Mai Tai when visiting Hawaii? But have you also tried kava? Here are a few … Continue reading

Natural Wonders of Hawaii

Hawaii is filled with natural beauty; you can find beautiful flowers like anthurium flowers, heliconia flowers and orchids. Rare animals like the green sea turtle, hawaiian monk seal and nene goose also live here. Hawaii is also the place to see scenic wonders like majestic mountains, verdant valleys and willowy waterfalls. by  roadman22 Akaka Falls … Continue reading

Hawaii Snacks

What do I enjoy most about Hawaii? I like the beautiful sunny weather and warm waves. I like Hawaii’s beaches with their soft black, white and even green sand. I like Hawaii’s flowers, which include anthurium flowers, orchids and heliconias. And I also like Hawaii’s snack foods; here are some of my favorites. by  cliff1066â„¢ … Continue reading

Cool Things To Do In Hawaii

When you look at a map, Hawaii may seem small, but once you get there you will find that it is bigger than it looks. Continue reading

Hawaiian Food

Hawaii is well known for many things: hula, surfing and anthurium flowers. But today I would like to talk about Hawaiian food. Continue reading

Hawaii Attractions

Hawaii has quite a number of majestic sights to see. Continue reading

Red Anthurium – Princess Lily

This is a Princess Lily Anthurium. It is a beautiful red anthurium that was developed by Kiyoshi Inada. Continue reading


Sorry to disappoint you if you were looking for the liquor of the same name, but the Midori is a green anthurium that was developed by Calvin Hayashi way back in 1985. Continue reading

Bird’s Nest Fern

Here is a large Bird’s Nest Fern that we have growing on the farm. Why is it called a Bird’s Nest Fern, I guess it’s because it looks like a bird’s nest. I think that we’ve had this fern for close to twenty years.

Green Sand Beach

Hawaii even contains a green sand beach. No the sand is not green because of algae; it’s green as it’s consists of a green mineral named olivine, which can be abundant in lava rocks. Very few people reach Green Sand Beach as it requires a severe five mile round trip hike or a good off … Continue reading