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Punalu’u Beach

Should you be in the mood for an exotic black sand beach, Punalu’u Beach could be the beach for you. It is the largest and most easy to access black sand beach on the island. Green sea turtles tend to be frequent visitors to its shores. You can often see them lying down on the … Continue reading

Makalawena Beach

Makalawena Beach is yet another gorgeous white sand beach which is much similar to Hapuna, but just what causes it to be special is that you may sometimes get it all to yourself. It’s out of the way and challenging to and this can keep the throngs of people away. You’ll have to hike for … Continue reading

Hapuna Beach

One of the best white sand beaches you might ever look at is Hapuna Beach. It’s perhaps the most renowned beach on the island of Hawaii and it’s frequently chosen to be among the finest beaches on the planet. Its azure water and soft white sand make it a preferred beach for both visitors as … Continue reading

Hawaii Beaches

Hawaii has beautiful white sand beaches, exotic black sand beaches and even a green sand beach. Here are a few of my favorite beaches. Continue reading


The protea originates from South Africa. Continue reading


  by  Randy Son Of Robert  Orchids are the quintessential flower from the islands of Hawaii. They’re, for me, some of the most wonderful blossoms in the globe and an incredible quantity of kinds are cultivated in Hawaii due to the fact the state of Hawaii has a perfect climate for them. They really seem to do … Continue reading

Hawaiian Hibiscus

The Hawaiian Hibiscus is the state flower of the islands of Hawaii. Continue reading