Drinks of Hawaii

Hawaii is the land of beautiful sandy beaches, flowers like orchids and anthurium flowers and massive volcanoes. Like most other places in the world it also has several signature drinks. Who hasn’t had Kona Coffee, a Blue Hawaii or a Mai Tai when visiting Hawaii? But have you also tried kava? Here are a few of the beverages that Hawaii is known for.

The Blue Hawaii was invented by Harry Yee in 1957. Bols just released a new liquor called Blue Curacao and a sales representative asked Yee to create a new drink from it. After much experimentation and testing, Yee came up with the Blue Hawaii which is a blend of blue curacao, rum, vodka and pineapple juice. The Blue Hawaii, with its trademark blue color, has become a staple drink in Hawaii.

Another drink that has captured the taste buds of many who visit the islands is the Mai Tai. But did you know that this drink wasn’t invented in Hawaii? It was actually invented in California by a chef named Donn Beach. Beach’s concoction included orange curacao, rum and orange juice.

The coffee plant was brought to Kona in 1828 by Samuel Ruggles. Kona’s unique weather, which consists of sunny mornings and afternoon rains, plus fertile volcanic soil produces a coffee that tastes like no other. Kona coffee is highly sought after and is one of the most expensive coffees in the world. It is grown on approximately 800 farms that reside in the districts of North or South Kona. Only coffee grown within these two districts can be called Kona Coffee.

Kava is commonly grown throughout the pacific and Hawaii is no exception. Early polynesian settlers brought kava to Hawaii and have been drinking it for centuries. Many believe that Kava relaxes the mind and body, and also fosters sociability. Kava is definitely not for everyone as many who have tried it say that it is one of the most horrible tasting drinks in the world. But it is an interesting way to experience Hawaii.