Hawaii Beaches

Hapuna Beach Prince Hotel from Beach by kretyen, on Flickr
Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License  by  kretyen 

When I think of Hawaii two things come to mind. The first is its beautiful flowers: orchids, heliconia, hibiscus, plumeria and anthurium flowers. The second is its gorgeous beaches. Hawaii has beautiful white sand beaches, exotic black sand beaches and even a green sand beach. Here are a few of my favorite beaches.

One of the nicest white sand beaches you will ever see is Hapuna Beach. It is arguably the most famous beach on the Big Island and it is often voted to be one of the best beaches in the world. Its azure water and soft white sand make it a favorite for both tourists and locals. When the waves are small it is the perfect beach for swimming and snorkeling. But when the waves are big its wide berth of fine, white sand make it the ideal location for sun bathing.

Makalawena Beach is another beautiful white sand beach that is much like Hapuna, but what makes it special is that you can sometimes have it all to yourself. It is remote and hard to get to and this tends to keep the crowds away. You will have to hike for approximately thirty minutes to get to Makalawena but the hike is worth it. You will be rewarded with more than half a mile of powdery, white sand and beautiful teal water.

If you are in the mood for an exotic black sand beach, Punalu’u Beach is the beach for you. It is the biggest and most accessible black sand beach on the island. Green sea turtles are frequent visitors to its shores. You can often find them lounging on the luxurious black sand. Punalu’u also has a fresh water pond filled with a multitude of fish.

And now for something really out of the ordinary, Hawaii even has a green sand beach. No the sand isn’t green because of algae; it is green because it is composed of a green mineral called olivine, which is abundant in lava rocks. Not many people make it to Green Sand Beach because it requires a serious 5 mile round trip hike or an off road vehicle to get there. But once you make it there, its emerald green sand is a sight to behold.