How To Propagate Your Anthurium

If you have an anthurium plant that you love, you can easily propagate it so that you will eventually have several plants. Each of the plants that you produce will be exact clones of the parent plant, so that you will have exact replicas of the plant that you enjoy. It is really easy to do and all that is required are cutting shears, extra pots and potting soil.

First you have to make sure your plant is big enough for propagation. Ideally, you should wait until the stem of your plant is a foot or more long and so unwieldy that it is starting to bend from its own weight. When plants make it to this size, it is traditionally the time when anthurium farmers propagate and replant their fields.

Once your plant is big enough to propagate, you will need to sterilize your cutting shears by wiping them down with rubbing alcohol, and then you will need to clip off the top of your plant about six inches down from the growing tip. You should leave two to three nodes (groups of leaves and roots) on the portion of the plant that you have cut off. Next plant the top in a new pot and water it regularly and it will continue growing.

Do not discard the base of your plant. After you have cut the top of it off, it will start to sprout one or more new plants from its nodes. Just keep on watering and caring for it as if it was its regular old self and eventually you will see new growth from it. Let the new growth develop for a while until it has several sets of mature leaves and then you can take additional cuttings. Plant these cuttings in new pots and care for them the same way as you did for the top cutting.

By now you should have several new anthurium plants. It is amazing how one plant can turn into two or more new plants with such a simple process as taking cuttings. You can let these plants grow for a while and then you can repeat the process over and over again to produce as many plants as you would like.