Flowers Of Hawaii

Hawaii’s temperate climate supports a wide range of tropical flowers. Though Hawaii is home to a number of native species of flowers it is probably best known for a non-native species called the anthurium. In addition to the anthurium, Hawaii also provides a home for protea, orchids and of course the state flower, the hibiscus.

Anthurium flowers originally come from South America, but they have also taken up residence in Hawaii. Though it can grow in the wild, the majority of anthurium plants are found on large commercial farms. These farms produce a number of different varieties of anthurium flowers and they export millions of dollars worth of anthuriums annually. Anthuriums are shipped from Hawaii to places as far away as Japan.

The protea comes from South Africa. It is a beautiful, but unusual looking flower. Its petals resemble feathers and look like they could have been plucked from the tail of a colorful turkey. It’s primarily grown on Maui and the Big Island and it makes a beautiful bouquet. Many flowers are dainty, but the protea is a particularly big and heavy flower.

Orchids are the quintessential flower from Hawaii. They are, in my opinion, some of the most beautiful flowers in the world and an amazing number of varieties are grown in Hawaii because Hawaii has a perfect climate for them. They really seem to do well in Hawaii’s warm, humid weather. They are the second largest family of flowering plants and they even include the tasty vanilla orchid, which is also grown in Hawaii.

The Hawaiian Hibiscus is the state flower of Hawaii. They come in a bright shade of yellow and can be up to six inches across. The various members of the hibiscus family all produce beautiful flowers that are loved by butterflies and bees. Some people even make a tea out of one particular variety of hibscus.

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