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How To Take Care Of Your Anthurium Plant

It is simple and easy to care for your anthurium plant. Keeping your plant alive will be no problem at all, once you learn a few of the basics like: how to water, when to fertilize and where to keep your plant. Just follow these simple guidelines that I am about to show you and … Continue reading

How To Fertilize Your Anthurium

Too much fertilizer can kill Anthurium plants. Continue reading

What Is The Ideal Potting Soil For Anthurium Plants

If you want to grow healthy anthurium flowers, choosing the proper potting soil is critical. Continue reading

Common Problems When Growing Anthurium Plants

Anthurium plants are usually quite sturdy, but occasionally growers of even the hardiest plants run into problems. Perhaps your plant was doing well for a while, but now it doesn’t look so good. Continue reading

Anthurium Care Secrets

After growing thousands of anthuriums on our farm, we’ve learned a few secrets for growing them. Continue reading