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Mauna Loa Anthurium

Mauna Loa is a mountain in Hawaii. Mauna Loa anthuriums, on the other hand, are a beautiful white and green anthurium and may also have a small hint of pink.

White Anthurium

Here is an Ellison White Anthurium. It looks almost like a Jasmine, except it is closer to pure white than the Jasmine, which has a hint of green.

Jasmine Anthurium

Jasmine Anthuriums look white, but if you look very carefully you will see that they have the slightest tinge of green that is almost unnoticeable.

Fuschia Tulip Anthurium

This is an example of a Fuschia tulip anthurium. Like most tulip anthuriums it produces smaller sized flowers and is shaped almost like a tulip. Unlike most anthuriums, which are scentless, some tulip anthuriums have a sweet scent.

Red And Green Obake Anthurium

Red And Green Obake Anthurium

Purple Tulip

Here is a photo of a purple tulip anthurium aka Arc.

Red Anthurium – Princess Lily

This is a Princess Lily Anthurium. It is a beautiful red anthurium that was developed by Kiyoshi Inada. Continue reading