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Watermelon Obake Anthurium

This is a Watermelon Obake Anthurium. I’m not sure how it got it’s name. I thought watermelons were a little bit redder on the inside. This flower isn’t as heavy as a watermelon, either. Go figure… But in any case it is a beautiful flower.


Sorry to disappoint you if you were looking for the liquor of the same name, but the Midori is a green anthurium that was developed by Calvin Hayashi way back in 1985. Continue reading

Anthurium Field

This is one of our anthurium fields. Continue reading

Bird’s Nest Fern

Here is a large Bird’s Nest Fern that we have growing on the farm. Why is it called a Bird’s Nest Fern, I guess it’s because it looks like a bird’s nest. I think that we’ve had this fern for close to twenty years.